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Imagine the thrill of holding a copy of the document that shows your ancestor stepping from an immigrant ship, buying a new piece of land, signing the Mayflower compact, taking an oath of citizenship, marrying your great-grandfather, taking a new daughter to be baptized, joining the confederate army, or signing his last will and testament. The ancestors of most modern Americans have never been researched or documented. A search to find who your ancestors were, where they came from, how they made their living, and where they lived is a time-consuming and often difficult task. Genealogical research is like solving a mystery, as the researcher looks for clues, finds historical evidence, and traces the movements of a family.

The researchers at Ancestors Lost and Found can find these documents for you. We are trained to interpret the information and clues contained in them. Hiring a genealogist is not an expensive endeavor when you consider the years of training that go into becoming proficient at finding the information of the past.

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